You’ve heard the term before and now we’re going to break it down for you! Graphic Design simply put, is the process of visually communicating through the use of typography, images and color. Graphic design trends are constantly evolving and it’s incredibly important to keep your design and branding up to date and up to speed with what your customers and targeted audience expect to see. Don’t let your business fall behind your competition.

Let RDC handle all of your graphic design needs while you concentrate on what you do best . . . Managing the growth and success of your business. RDC works with companies that need help creating their brand identity and all the design / marketing material that follows suit.  We’re also more than happy to accommodate businesses who simply need more hands on deck. If you already have branding guidelines and just need help with overflow work, we’re here to help. 

Below are some examples of graphic design projects we’ve worked on. If you like what you see, then chances are we’re just the team you’re looking for!


Iron Cobra

Graphic Design


Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Mealey's Furniture

Graphic Design



Without a good logo even the best idea, product, service, website, and digital and traditional marketing efforts will suffer. Everything you design for your brand is geared around the feel, colors, typography, and design of your logo. We understand the logo process can sometimes feel daunting but it deserves your utmost attention. You rely on your logo to properly communicate your business branding and leave a long lasting first impression on your target audience.

Here at RDC Design Group we have the graphic design experience to help you bring clarity and direction to the creation of your logo. We understand how important your logo is to you and your business. Let’s work together to design you the recognizable icon that represents you and your mark on the industry. When potential customers are browsing the marketplace, shouldn’t your brand be the one they contact first? Make sure you stand out attractive professional branding.



Like any successful project, we need a proven starting point. First thing’s first, we always start with issuing you a Creative Brief to get the juices flowing. After you and your team have had time to review and fill it out, we conduct a follow up meeting to assess the answers and work through any questions that arise. Once we’re all on the same page, we research your industry and how your competition stacks up with branding and marketing materials.

While not every logo design project takes the same path, we generally start by sketching ideas on paper. Once our team reviews the options we’ll pick some we like and then add in a few more ideas to be sketched. Eventually we’ll have a handful of sketches that transform from concept to computerized logos. Finally we’ll present the digital logos for review and collaborative editing sessions. Below is an example of the workflow for the development of the Royal Auto logo. 









Your brand’s identity is the composite of diverse marketing activity. For small businesses, this can be a real challenge, and even thriving companies in large markets understand everything that is at stake with their branding strategy.

The objective here at RDC Design Group is for your brand to make a strong and meaningful impact. We also have the graphic design skills and expertise to develop a brand that will easily stand out and be recognized in the Philadelphia market and beyond. To make the magic happen, we look at logos, typography, colors, marketing materials, strap lines and your overall design seamlessly working together.

We’ve created brand identities for clients of all sizes and industries. This experience has taught us that no two clients have the same needs. Each graphic design project takes a different path to success. Whatever the size of your company, we begin by taking the time to understand both your challenges and opportunities. After working with RDC to develop your brand you’ll execute with confidence, providing consistent brand identity at every point of customer contact.



Over the past decade digital marketing has become the #1 means to communicate with your audience. However, there will always be a place for some traditional marketing staples like a company brochure. A physical brochure with quality design can leave the lasting impression that you’re looking for. When it comes to a powerfully effective tool that gets the attention and delivers a message to your audience, a beautiful company brochure is a must.

In todays market your website serves as your online storefront, but there’s still nothing like leaving a physical brochure behind at a client meeting. There’s just something unexplainable about being able to hold a brochure, take a break from a computer screen, and analyze a company like the good old days. When you work with RDC, we make sure the design in beautiful, the content is interesting and informative, it’s supported with appropriate images, and includes a call to action. 



From concept to delivery, RDC Design Group has mastered the packaging design process. Like all projects at RDC it starts with a friendly chat, a creative brief, and then a formal review with our team or your dedicated Art Director. The initial conversation will address items like budget, goals, quantity, materials and different types of delivery options for the project.

Similar to the way we work with most other projects we can provide you with a ballpark estimate and after the requirements gathering sessions we can firm up the quote.

Once the details of the project have been established and we agree to work together we immediately begin the fitting, testing and proofing process. Once approval requirements are met, we then move to production and delivery.



Now that you’ve invested to ensure that your business sits high above the competition online, make sure your marketing collateral matches your online presence with killer business card designs, letterhead and envelopes.

Your stationery system is an arrangement of elements from your graphic mark, corporate colors, and typography, incorporated in a cohesive, unified manor through the design of letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and business forms.

Your Letterhead should consist of the your organizations name, street address, city/state/ZIP code, telephone number, e-mail address, and web address.

Your business envelopes will incorporate colors and typography from your company logo and will show most of the content listed above except for your telephone number, e-mail and web address. Your postal service does not need this information to deliver mail (remember form and function).

Your Business Cards will have your phone numbers, e-mail, and wed addresses. Business cards also add the names and positions of individuals within your company or organization.


We have collaborated with RDC on a number of web development projects & are always impressed with their expedience, professionalism and attention-to-detail. They are pro-active in identifying potential problems & are always quick to provide meaningful insights that strengthen the functionality of the design.”


RDC has done a fantastic job with a complete overhaul of my new website  Ryan Panfil and Alex Stein were fantastic, always keeping things in order and the project on time. I will continue to work with them as they truly helped me create a fresh, creative, modern and professional site to showcase my work.”


RDC is a fantastic company in many areas. They are innovative in their designs, prompt with changes, readily available and always pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend giving them a call for all your design and web needs!”