We mentioned we love what we do right? Well there’s nothing more exciting than watching things you create come to life on the computer! Naturally we all excel at what we love to do and our 3D work is an example of just that!  In today’s competitive environment your company needs to stand out. Let RDC bring your ideas to life with stunning state of the art, photo-real 3D renderings and animations.

3D rendering is the process of generating images on the computer. 3D generally consists of modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering. Think of 3D like sculpting with clay but instead of using our hands, we model on the computer. Once the modeling is complete we then move to texturing and lighting. During this phase we start making things look convincingly realistic by applying lights, shadows and materials.

Here at RDC we’re 3D rendering experts and our work is stunning. Often times people mistake our 3D renderings for photos. Our attention to detail stands along side the best in the world. That being said, RDC offers New York quality renderings at a much more affordable price. 3D rendering has become a very popular solution with our clients in Philadelphia and all throughout the country! Once we digitally craft your 3D rendered idea, your scene is saved and ready for when you need to make adjustments down the road.

On top of this there are many other benefits. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of 3D rendering is that we can create realistic images of your product or ideas before they actually exist, allowing you to cut the cost of production in the design phase. With 3D rendering we can easily render transparent items such as shadows or glass to be see-through. This allows you to place your renderings effortlessly into any background without the hassle of cutting and selecting in Photoshop.



Interior Design

3D Rendering

TAMA Star Classic Kit Renderings

3D Rendering

Original Grain

3D Rendering

Mother Earth

3D Rendering



Our 3D animation studio located right here in the Philadelphia area takes your concept one step further . . . Giving it life with motion. It goes without saying that the most exciting part of computer generated art is the ability to animate your ideas and literally bring them to life!

There are many uses for 3D animation and it’s become an extremely popular medium for visualizing ideas and concepts before they exist. With 3d animation we have ability to create things like “How It Works” videos about your product. These types of 3D animation videos can be used to show your audience exactly how your product works and why they need it.

There are many ways to utilize 3d animation . . . If you can dream it, we can create it. Whether you’re in need of a 3d logo animation, a company character animation for your commercial, an architectural fly through or a video about how your product works, we’re here to help you succeed!



Everything that you see that’s a part of a 3D product rendering or 3D animation is all modeled from scratch or adapted from previous 3d models. At RDC we’re always a part of the latest curve of the ever expanding 3D industry. Each project uses a variety of different sculpting methods depending on the individual project requirements and what new methods are now available and proven to be great solutions.

The 3D modeling portion of the project takes ideas from concept to reality. This first and very crucial step is where your ideas are modeled and then delivered for review. While 3D Studio Max is our software of choice, we’re also proficient with Maya and ZBrush as well.

At RDC Design Group we start with an empty 3D slate and craft the 3D geometry into products and environments all the way up to complex characters. A 3D model is made up of a collection of editable polygons and vertices that are meant for sculpting. During the sculpting process, our team meticulously places these vertices to best fit the project.

As mentioned before, 3D modeling is essentially the most important step in the 3d pipeline.  You need this step to sculpt the scene and then only after, can you begin working on the following steps. Everything after like good lighting and animation depends on the delivery of great 3D models from the beginning.



When you first model a product, environment or character in 3D it’s initially a plain grey color. This would not look realistic at all when rendered so the next step is adding some color and texture to the 3d scene. Here we add materials, shaders, textures and maps to your 3d model.

When texturing your model we work with a tool that is normally referred to as a shader. When the shader is applied to your 3D model it gives us the ability to control things like color, reflectivity, shininess, and so much more. We have the expertise and state of the art software to take a plain 3d model that was once grey and boring and give it life by making it look photo realistic.

This example shows a scene from Air Park in Hollister, California that is entirely textured. Notice how realistic everything is. The worn textures on the plane, the stormy sky, the detail in the pavement, and all the reflections really make this image pop. Let RDC be the team to deliver your next product rendering!



Now that we’ve modeled and textured your assets, how do we get them to start singing and dancing? Just as all the steps of the 3D pipeline are extremely important, the Rigging process is no different.

In the Rigging stage, we literally create the “rigs” for your product or character that allow them to move. Without this stage, there would be no ability to animate the scene and really make it come to life with motion. Once we’ve rigged the objects in your 3D scene, we can then have complete control over the movement of each object to create either realistic or stylized animations.

While you want your final rendering to be modeled, lighted, and textured great, even the best work can turn out below par if the rigging process isn’t done properly. At RDC our attention to detail and willingness to experiment until we’re impressed with the project is what puts us ahead of the pack. We don’t just push work out the door, we make sure it’s a great product that you will be thrilled with each and every time.



During the animation portion of the project we actually start to move and animate your 3D models. By utilizing the controls that we set up during the rigging phase, we are now able to animate. It goes without saying that a ton of work goes into creating seamless animations, but during this phase all the hard work really starts to pay off when you see everything come together.

The timeline inside the 3D program is where we set movement in frames that we can then show as animation. Check out the awesome 3D animation we did for UltraCool in video to the right! If you’re shopping the market for a 3D team, don’t pass on RDC. At a minimum, give us a ring to chat and see what our team can bring to the table!


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